Artificial Plants – Good for all weather!

As we can determine from just looking out our windows at the moment Britain isn’t exactly Barbados, weather wise. For those who aren’t exactly gardening lovers we let this wreck the chances of having a beautiful garden! The fear of having to water our plants in the freezing cold British summer, never mind the winter … Read more

Make your garden right for wildlife

A few weeks ago I was spending plenty of time relaxing in my garden; with it being so hot I had my deck chairs and BBQ out and I was making the most of the summer months. While I have done this I have managed to watch and appreciate wildlife. For a few days I … Read more

Artificial grass for your garden

Many landscapers and gardeners will admit that once upon a time artificial grass was frowned upon within the industry. It was even referred to as ‘bad toupee’… How times change eh? Artificial grass has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and it is now a good and realistic option for many … Read more

Creating your dog friendly garden

Anyone who has a dog will agree when I say there is one massive problem; keeping the garden in good condition. Whether it being a small few brown spots or nicely dug holes by our hairy little friends they can easily cause havoc for us. We need to ensure we are doing all we can … Read more

Composting – Why you can and should be doing it

I find it crazy that so many homeowners either don’t know how to compost or simply cannot be bothered to do it. A lot of our fruit and vegetables come from the soil; so surely it makes sense to nourish it and help produce the best food we possibly can? This is the essence of … Read more

Life-Affirming Landscaping – 5 great tips

Garden landscaping is becoming one of the most popular ways of improving the home and its curb appeal for home owners all over the UK and the world. Many home owners are calling in the garden expects but also plenty are opting to get their hands dirty and take on some DIY in the garden … Read more

5 vegetables to grow in winter

Although we are still in August, September is edging ever closer and with that so is the cold and dullness of autumn and then yes I dare say it winter… When the transition happens in the UK the mower is usually stored away but your gardening doesn’t have to stop. You should be packing your … Read more

Working out in your garden!

Did you know you could be working off those extra calories in the comfort of your own home? Research from Ygog website says that their are many health benefits from working with your garden to help shape up and tidy up your garden during the summer months, here is 5 easy examples of tasks you … Read more

Garden Furniture – What is poly rattan?

Poly Rattan is the most common synthetic alternative to traditional rattan for Garden Furniture – it is basically a plastic alternative that has been designed to look the same but offer a more resistant and economical alternative.  Most rattan furniture advertised in Europe is in fact Poly Rattan, as is all our furniture available on the Beverley … Read more

Small space gardening

Gardening is something that people stereotype to wonderful huge plots of land with hundreds of flowers; however that doesn’t always have to be the case. In fact we can garden almost anywhere, no matter how big your back or front yards are, or whether you have no soil what so ever you can still do … Read more

3 great ways of improving your conservatory

The conservatory has become a popular choice for so many home owners in the last decade or so and why not? With the view of adding an extra room to your home and the substantial increase on your homes valuation the conservatory is a great choice. But so many people struggle when it comes to … Read more

4 Tips for making your garden more eco-friendly

We need to save money in every way possible in the current economic downfall, and we can do so in our garden, without a lot of effort. Along with that creating an eco-friendly garden will help the environment, and if a lot of us do it we could have a massive effect on the planet. … Read more

Outdoor Living Essentials

Summer may have been and gone, but it’s never too late to add to your outdoor living essentials, in fact it’s the best time to begin preparing for next year. Whatever the size of your garden, or courtyard, there are loads of products and ideas around to inspire you with a massive range outdoor heating, … Read more

Enjoy Entertaining Outdoors

Spending time in your garden with friends and family can be a special experience and a relaxing way to enjoy summer nights.  It can also be a stressful experience for the host if they fail to plan ahead. Kitchen to Garden Make sure you have a clear path between the kitchen and the seating area … Read more

Making the Most of Your Small Garden

Planning the design of a small garden may seem like a challenge but it can actually be quite a straightforward and enjoyable experience. With limited space comes a good balance between restriction and choice, which prevents the process becoming overwhelming. As long as you take into account a few basic principles, you can have a … Read more

Creating a bug hotel in your garden!

Bugs love untidy, cosy spots to nestle in. Piles of dead wood and leaves lying around the place are a source of food to some bugs and provide shelter for others. But with established gardens becoming more manicured by keen gardeners and new plots and green spaces becoming built upon and hard landscaped, insects have … Read more

Create The Perfect Container Garden

Do you hanker after the sun-baked Mediterranean landscape with its olive trees and bright Geraniums or the calm simplicity of an oriental garden? You may prefer the quintessentially English garden with its trailing Wisteria and scented blooms. Whatever your personal vision, you can achieve it with a container garden. Whether you have roof garden, a … Read more

Wildflowers going extinct at rate of two every year

Every year we see more and more of this beautiful world become extinct and it is a demoralising thought to know that two flowers a year are now doing so. With so many not looking after our environment this is only going to worsen, with soon the beauty of mother nature become few and far … Read more

Planting To Suit Your Soil

When planning any garden design project, plants are usually one of the main attractions.  Whatever style of garden you’re going for, there will be certain plants and shrubs associated with it.  For instance, the tropical garden would not be complete without ferns and the English cottage garden must include roses to my mind.  You will … Read more

5 Good tips to extend your growing season

If you’re a gardener you will be dreading the next season of the year, autumn. And like any other you will be looking for ways to try and squeeze a couple of extra months of produce out of your garden. In this article I intend to give you 5 good tips which will enable you … Read more

Buying a garden shed? 3 Key things to consider

A garden shed is a must for most nowadays in the garden whether its purpose is to store the things you don’t want inside such as your DIY tools, or for some it may be a place to keep your gardening tools, or even your 80’s memorabilia. However there are a few things you must … Read more