Robomow Robomow RX20U 12V Robotic Lawn Mower



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The Robomow RX20U features a weekly program which means that the mower follows a set schedule, leaving the base station, mowing the lawn and returning to recharge all by itself! This Robomow has also been designed with a floating deck which is designed to provide flawless coverage on any terrain, along with the Rear Glider for maximum manoeuvrability.The off lawn base allows you to utilise every piece of grass and the Child lock facility prevents children and others from operating it freely.Please note; RX models are fitted with a European power supply plug with UK adaptor. This is for use in a dry location; indoors or in a suitable size weatherproof box (IP55 higher) / outdoor power socket.Plug dimensions (with adaptor fitted, DxLxW); excluding pins 75 x 90 x 53mm, including pins 96 x 90 x 53mm.

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