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Roma LED: extensive Pond pump system for lighting effects and different fountains Solar pond pump system Roma LED consists of different components, which can shed the right light on the garden pond and generate various fountains. 35 Wp solar module, two different sprinklers (three-tier fountain or water bell), four risers, a submersible pump, a battery box and an LED light ring are included. The six white illuminating LEDs equipped with twilight sensor can simultaneously recharge the battery if sufficient sunlight is available. The pump can be set in different modes. During continuous operation, the pump will operate until the battery is completely discharged, whilst the pump switches on every hour for 10 minutes in timer mode. In this way, operation may be extended in the evening or during the night. In charging mode, the battery charges when the pump is switched off and can then be turned on via the switch in the evening. The pump system can be used in a pond as well as for the water supply of rock fountains. In addition to the 18V output for the connection of the pump, the battery box also features an additional 6V output, where for example a pond aerator or a pond light can be connected. Fountains are generated in different forms and heights of up to 1.8 m with the four risers (each 8.5 cm in length) and the two sprinklers. Technical data Solar module: – dimensions: length 62 cm, width 45.5 cm, height 2.5 cm – weight: 2.9 kg Pump: – operating voltage: 17 VDC – max. pumping capacity: 1700 l/h – cable length: 5 m – max. water depth: 2 m – hose connection: 13 mm – dimensions: length 24.3 cm, width 20.5 cm, height 11.1 cm – weight excluding cable: 1.24 kg Battery box: – battery: power cable/ gel 12 V/12 Ah – max. connectable module performance: 50 Wp – dimensions: length 20 cm, width 16.5 cm, height 13.5 cm – weight: 4.5 kg Energy efficiency class:A+

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